Crystals to have close by when working from home

On 25 March 2020, I was at work sitting in a meeting room anxiously waiting for the news. Lukas “my little lion cub” was only 3-weeks old at the time. He was at home with his beautiful mum, Lais. Australian politicians and medical officials were dominating the airwaves, digital and print media with non-stop talk about this deadly virus called coronavirus (COVID-19). I remember being confused by their conflicting advice for this relatively unknown virus. I felt unsafe and uncertain. Agitated about what would happen to Lukas or Lais if they or I contracted this virus. Then I got the email “All staff to work from home.”

For the last 5 months, I’ve been working from home every day. When I was first sent home from work, I felt relief. However, as the months have passed, I have gone through an array of positive and negative emotions.

It’s important for us all to keep on top of how we are feeling. Lais has really helped me through her loving support. Also having the right crystals around me, has helped to positively shift my energy.  

So, I decided to pass on some tips that have helped me.

Low energy levels (i.e. finding it difficult to stay motivated or focused)

Carnelian is a warm and radiant yang stone used to boost vitality, passion and creativity. I think of this like my morning coffee, except is lasts longer.

Carnelian is a warm and radiant yang stone used to boost vitality, passion and creativity.

Overthinking (i.e. being consumed by work and unable to ‘switch off’ creating sleepless nights)

Amethyst is a popular sleep crystal because it provides such a soothing and serene frequency.

After a chaotic or manic day, I put Amethyst under my pillow to help settle my mind’s chatter. This really helps me get a restful night of sleep.

Amethyst crystal pointer which provides soothing and serene frequency

Lacking confidence and feeling uncertain about my progress

Pyrite is a stone of confidence and protection. Personally, I feel more physical energy with a Pyrite sphere near my computer.   

Written by James David Grivas - Author of Amazon's Child