Inspiring crystal garden ideas!

Earthy elements intensify the charm of our gardens by radiating positive energy in our outdoor spaces. This leaves our garden blossoming with life. By including numerous crystals or gemstones into any garden, they’ll add some artistic flare.  

So, here are some little tips and ideas to use for any garden.

Small Gardens (Indoor, Courtyards, Balcony’s and Zen gardens)

Small does not mean uninspiring. It’s an opportunity to get creative in this space by adding in vertical succulent gardens, display corners, hanging baskets and leafy pots. Consider Moss Agate in your garden décor to add more vitality. This gardener’s stone is a luminous light green and can be beautiful polished or raw. Adding Moss Agate to a small garden will help to promote a connection to the earth with its grounding energies. 

And for those asking, “what about the Zen garden?” Simple. Tumbled stones.  

Larger Gardens (Tropical, Succulent, Australian Busy Gardens, Forests)

My hubby and I were lucky, we had two weddings ceremonies! The first in Santorini and the second in Sao Paulo’s equivalent of the Dandenong Ranges. The second wedding was on a gorgeous countryside Estate where crystals were blended with colourful flora to make the most inviting of settings. Along the paths and patio edges were hundreds of clear quartz lamps. Spectacular! Now, you don’t need to be that grandiose in your garden, you can simply start by introducing Clear Quartz in your flowerbed to intensify their blossoming aura. And most importantly, it looks extraordinary in amongst smaller colourful flowers.

If you want an impressive corner display, then look no further than 10kg+ Amethyst Geodes. These eye-catching purple stones are a unique focal point!