New Moon in Scorpio by Priscila Almeida

One of the of the deepest and most transformative moon cycles of all. Not only the moon is in Scorpio, but so is the Sun. This cycle will bring an abundance of opportunities for us to experience the circle of life (life-death-rebirth) in firsthand. The predominant energies present for the next 28 days will bring the tone of truth, deepest emotions, and the distortions that we experience in the unconsciousness.

Love is all there is. Anything different than love is a distortion created by the meaning we give to our experiences. The energy of this cycle invites the awakening of our rational (Sun) and emotional (Moon) sides to dissolve unresourceful thoughts and feel the emotions from our experiences deeply. When we look beyond the pain, we will find love. The Sun in Scorpio will be illuminating and shining our interior so bright that will be impossible to hide anything from our conscious mind. This is a portal that awakens the inner poet and the artist that expresses the soul.

It is time to make magic and transform the pain in beauty – for both ourselves and the World. It's also time for forgiveness. When we forgive ourselves, we open space to discover a whole new Self.

Be gentle with yourself, be patient on your dive.

Written by Priscila Almeida, Brazilian astrologer and priestess of Mother Earth. Priscila is a mentor and creator of Coraticum. She finds purpose by using her personal healing journal to deliver beautiful messages to the World. Find more about her in the links below:

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The Lunar Cycle in Scorpio will be illuminating the deepest sides of ourselves, including the skeleton we have hidden in the wardrobe and all the other things we refused to deal with for years because it brought us pain and therefore was hugely uncomfortable to deal with. Ouch! I hear you say. 

Breathe! I know diving deep something brings fear. However, it is in the deep that we find magic to be discovered. So, let's keep it simple this cycle. 

We will be working with OBSIDIAN, a powerful black stone that assists with the awakening of the dormant unmanifested potential. 

Black obsidian is one of the most important teachers of the New Age Stones. This stone teaches us that the black hole within each of us is the non-identification with the source of light and that is the darkness of fear and selfishness that leads us to our own self-destruction. Black obsidian will bring light to those fears and prove that they are an illusion and a misunderstanding of the truth. 

How to work with Black Obsidian 

There are many ways of doing it, but we are going to keep this as simple as possible. All you need to do it to place a black obsidian stone under your pillow for the next 28-days and keep pen and paper to write a journal every morning. 

Step by step 

1. Cleanse and charge your stone before starting your practice.

2. Program your stone to bring light to the darkest parts of your mind. To do this, take and deep breath and close your eyes. Grab your stone with two hands and hold it in front of your heart having in mind your intention "To bring light to the darkest sides of me in order to awaken my true potential". Exhale three times and project the direction of your intention from your head to your stone, passing through your heart. 

3. Once your stone is programmed, it's time to get the magic started.  Place the stone under your pillow for the next 28 days. 

4. Keep a journal next to your bed and write about your fears every morning. Anything else that comes to your mind through dreaming will also be valid.

5. At the end of the cycle, read it all back to you aloud. 

Black obsidian should boldly announce through intuition that heaven is a state of mind capable of being attained while on Earth and that our fears are only just an illusion created by our minds.


Texto original por Priscila Almeida

O início de um ciclo que nos convida a mergulhar de vez no oceano mais profundo e transforma-dor: uma lua nova escorpiana + Sol em Escorpião.

Esta lunação disponibiliza um novo ciclo de oportunidades na grande espiral da vida.

As energias que irão permear pelos próximos 28 dias trazem a tônica da verdade, do ciclo natural da vida terrena (vida-morte-renascimento), das emoções mais profundas e das distorções que vivenciamos na inconsciência.

Originalmente toda energia é amor. Na dualidade humana o significado que damos as experiencias faz com que distorcemos o potencial original – o amor.

Despertando o nosso racional (Sol) e emocional (Lua), esta lunação pede para dissolver os pensamentos e sentir com profundidade as experiencias. Basta olharmos através da dor, das sombras e das distorções, lá, haverá o Amor prontinho esperando sua des-coberta. Sol que ilumina o nosso interior e a luz que brilha ali não permitirá que a gente se esconda de nos mesmos.

Este é um portal que desperta o poeta interior, o artista que expressa alma.

Faca da sua dor algo bonito – pra você e para a o mundo!

A chave estará no auto perdão. Nele, há dissolução de tudo que iremos des-cobrir a respeito de nos mesmos.

Seja gentil neste ciclo, seja paciente em seu mergulho. Acolha o que chega, se acolha!