Stunning Healing Crystal uses for the Mind, Body & Soul

Crystals have a charming appearance, but did you know they hold “magical powers” too. In this guide I will share 3 easy ways you can use their healing powers to feel light and energised in mind body & soul.

How to use healing crystals to heal the body

We can place healing crystals on our energy centres when looking to align, heal or energise them. When healing crystals come into contact with our chakras, they vibrate in similar frequencies. As crystalline structures are in perfect unity and harmony, our chakras will resonate with the frequency of the stone and vibrate in the same way.

How to use healing crystals to balance emotions

In the same way crystals resonate with our chakras, they can have an effect in our aura. This directly affects our emotions and the way we feel. When feeling anxious, stressed or sad, look for crystals that vibrate frequencies of calmness, happiness and self-confidence.

How to use healing crystals for spiritual healing

Crystals can assists in the active awakening process by showing and teaching us how to align ourselves with that same essence of perfect harmony. When our conscious vision expands, the limitations of the mind transcend and the doors to higher dimensions swing wide open. 

Healing crystals can be used are in meditation to develop the intuition and learn from higher senses. They can be placed under the pillow during sleep to inspire dreams or used in healing practices to stabilize emotions, soothe troubled minds and heal body imbalances. They can be held during labor for added strength, used in ceremonial rituals, or placed around plants, animals or children who are in need of balancing or healing.