The perfect crystal for your baby's first leap!

Congratulations on being a parent! Wow Leap 1 already! 

Over the last few weeks you have watched with adoring eyes (which will never change!) as your bundle of joy grows rapidly. The adorable grunts, ga’s and goos are like music to your ears while your heart sings with the first sight of a little smile.

Now you’ve reached your first milestone, Wonder Week 5 (first leap!). This is an amazing leap where new sensations will shower your little one, inside and out.

What to expect?

  • Your beautiful one will cry more
  • Your red dry eyes are struggling with those sleepiness nights
  • Love, Love, Love! Yes, she is more clingy to mum and dad

Which crystal to use in Wonder Week 5?

Amethyst is the stone which will help to ease those overwhelming nights. While some days and nights might feel confusing and uncertain, having an Amethyst Sphere or Amethyst Cluster sitting beautifully on your bedside table will:

  1. Help you centre yourself
  2. Bring you back to your intuitive awesome self
  3. Add soothing vibes to your atmosphere, and
  4. A touch of style to your home décor