The Power of Words

The Wise have always taught us our words are like arrows shot. They have an immense power, both to create distortions and to create wonderful realities.

We have the power to shape our reality through our words. Right now we are in the midst of a great awakening of humanity, many of us can already feel the energy going much faster than before. These are times of change, times of remembering our true essence, and with that our power of creation is also much greater.

The first thing I always recommend is to remind your heart daily that we are the totality of our soul, not only this wonderful body. Interestingly enough the "Pray and Observe" teachings have never made so much sense, because when we pray and watch our words, thoughts and actions, and we center our choices in our hearts we are effectively creating the reality that we aim to experience, for the greater good, expressing the deepest will of our hearts..

While we go through a moment of adjustment, we ultimately leave the distorted mental energy from our heads to tune into our hearts instead, so that we can use our light wisely. 

Thinking about it, I intuitively received this Decree that will assist you in using the power of your words to stay on our path regardless of your experiences. We must be light in any circumstance, as well as remember that We Are Sovereign Beings - We are able to create our own reality and make miracles happen. 

Divine Sovereignty Decree

"By my presence I am, I seal my field in the light of the pure white golden flame and do not allow any kind of distorted energy to influence me, my home and its inhabitants, and I ask for the blue dragons of light from the archangel Michael to involve me and my home in light and radiant protection from the Blue Flame of divine strength, on all sides, above, below and center. I decree to be permanently involved in the light of unconditional love, wisdom and divine strength, raising the Divine Consciousness. I am one with the Source of creation, I am the only creator of my reality guided by my Presence I am at all times, through My Heart and Divine Consciousness. I am love, I am light, I am healing. And so it is, so it will be, So it is done" 

I hope this decree can help you stay at your center. 

With love,

Luciana Tworkoski and Rainbow Flower Academy team

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Wondering how crystals can help guarding your mind to think and speak only that what aligns with your higher intentions? Count on BLUE crystals and stones. 

Located at the center of the neck at the level of the throat, our 5th chakra is our energetic centre that resonates with the energy of blue crystals. This chakra is special because it manages the energy passage that travels from our inner world, to the outer world.

As the function of the Throat chakra is driven by the principle of expression and communication, you can program a blue crystal to help you speak at the soul level, so you can communicate always in a way that is aligned with your great desires. A blue crystal help you to break through old patterns and start engaging the united power of the mind and the heart.