Amazonite Meaning

Amazonite is often referred to as the “Stone of Truth” and the “Stone of Courage”. Its blue-green colour aligns it with both the heart and the throat chakras. With shades reminiscent of the ocean, it promotes tranquillity and peace. It is also a balancing stone. 

Amazonite indicates an outgoing, expansive phase of life motivated by a sincere desire to understand and learn. It also seeks to clarify where the individual is in his or her life, and what his or her purpose is in the world. The stone suggests that this is the time to embark on projects or challenges long dreamed about but never tried, to expand our horizons, and to dare to be a little different.

As décor, is a beautiful addition to the home or balcony area.

Amazonite Spiritual Meaning

Amazonite Properties benefit you by:

  • As a Stone of Truth, Amazonite helps you to convey your true thoughts and feelings to assist with maintain strong relationships
  • It increases self-esteem – especially in females
  • Amazonite helps with the ability to view the perspective of another and reduces any potential conflict. This helps to bring more mindfulness, compassion and empathy to your relationships.
  • As a Stone of Courage, Amazonite helps with those seeking companionship and assists in manifesting universal love
  • It soothes emotional trauma, alleviating worry and fear.

In what situations is Amazonite stone ideal for…

  • For females needing to improve their self-esteem and self-confidence
  • When you need to have a challenging conversation with someone about your emotions, thoughts and feelings
  • When you are suffering a form of trauma, concern or worry

Amazonite Chakra and Balancing Energy

Amazonite aligns to the heart and throat chakras. It’s a calming stone that helps with communication, memory and mental functions.


Amazonite is a beneficial stone with manifestation. We’ve listed a couple of ideas to help you:


Hold Amazonite in your hands during meditation when you are seeking personal truth. This stone enkindles a harmonious interaction between intellect and intuition therefore helping one to find their personal truth.

Feng Shui Quadrants of your home

Amazonite is an excellent Feng Shui treatment for the following quadrant(s):

  • South East (Self-Worth)
  • South (Social-Life)
  • East (Family)