Bloodstone Meaning

Bloodstone is the stone of Courage.

This stone represents those who are seeking to balance their passion with calmness and understanding. This stone stimulates the energy within you to bring about strength, perseverance and the determination to succeed at all odds. This stone is an essential addition to every crystal collection. It is the perfect stone when you are facing a difficult challenge(s) in your life or where there is emotional turbulence. By having a Bloodstone in your possession will help to ground you, calm any impulsive reactions and give you the courage to chase your goals.

Bloodstone Spiritual Meaning

Bloodstone Properties benefit you by:

  • Bringing courage and wisdom to follow through with a decision or goal
  • A stone to assist in calming the fire within and helping to calm negative impulsive reactions
  • Bloodstone stimulates dreaming and heightens intuition
  • It helps to awaken the Samurai energies within oneself. A calm and wise warrior
  • It enhances selflessness and the ability to provide comfort to others

 In what situations is Bloodstone stone ideal for…

  • Dealing with change in your life or adjusting to new circumstances
  • Bloodstone carries an immense power of grounding one fully in their body. Great stone to assist you in tuning-in tothe here and now, and to enhance one’s capacity to function with strength, determination and courage
  • Associated with birth, bloodstone is a great ally stone for women. It stimulates nutrient-rich blood and hormonal balance. It assists in easing the birthing process, providing strength during labour.
  • Those in need of a mental boost when motivation is low.
  • Bloodstone can help to re-energise the mind and body if you are flat.
  • Those undertaking a creative project
  • Easing misunderstandings or those in difficult situations.

 Bloodstone and Balancing Energy

Bloodstone stimulates the root chakra, where your security, survival, basic needs and grounding reside. It helps one to ground themselves in their body which brings about an improvement in courage, strength and determination.


Bloodstone is a beneficial stone with manifestation. We’ve listed a couple of ideas to help you:


If you're feeling like you a purposelessly floating in a rapid, then it’s time to meditate with Bloodstone to stimulate the root chakra. Hold the bloodstone in your hands and allow the bloodstone to guide your absent soul.

Feng Shui Quadrants of your home

Bloodstone is an excellent Feng Shui treatment for the following quadrant(s):

  • North East (Self-Cultivation)
  • South East (Self-Worth)