Cleansing & Charging Crystals

How to Cleanse and Charge Crystals

Through their natural vibrations, we use crystals to soothe our mind, body and soul. Over time or through intense usage, the energy of crystals can become dense or stale. Your stone may feel heavier than normal and be in need of restoring its natural energy. 

Burning sage stick wrapped with selenite crystal in nature. Smudging can clear inharmonious vibrations and restore crystals’ natural energies

Here are some helpful clues to reveal when you should cleans and charge your crystals:

  • The first time you receive a crystal it’s recommended to cleanse and charge the stone to ensure the handling and sourcing energies are removed.
  • You wear the crystal jewellery frequently or meditate with a crystal daily. This should be cleaned once a week to once a fortnight.
  • Stones used in crystal healing sessions must be cleansed after each session.
  • Crystals living as decor pieces, laying in jewellery boxes or radiating in Feng Shui quadrants, should be cleaned on average once a month.
  • If someone else handles your crystal. You should cleanse as soon as possible.

Whether you’re a beginner with crystals or crystal connoisseur, we have some tips and methods to help you cleanse, clear and activate your crystals.

Natural Elements

The natural elements provide a powerful beacon to illuminate and activate our crystals.

Natural Water (Saltwater, Still Water or Snow)
Water is a master energy for purification and healing. Water is one of the mystifying gifts of nature that supports and maintains life. Through water we are physically and spiritually interrelated and interconnected. Water connects continents, mountains with valleys, rainforests with rangelands, and plants with animals. Thus, water facilitates the natural phenomenon of interdependence. Water is a great natural resource for charging certain crystals.
Note: Water can cause some stones to crack, disintegrate or dissolve! Be sure to look up your crystal and what cleansing method is best for it. Common stones cannot be submerged in water are selenite, calcite, amber, turquoise, desert rose, red coral, lapis lazuli, fire opal, moonstone, halite, labradorite, kyanite, kunzite, angelite, azurite, malachite, fluorite.  


Ocean/Sea Water

Saltwater is a universal cleanser of heavier energies from natural forms. Take your stones to the beach and give them a saltwater bath. Saltwater from the ocean or sea will cleanse the negative energy from the stones and charge them with beautiful purified energy. Be sure to clean your crystals using clean water afterwards.

River, Lake, Waterfall or Spring Water

Natural flowing water will flush out dense energy and charge your crystal with the force of the waterflow. Hold your crystal in a stream, bath or soak them in the water. Be sure to hold them firmly because crystals love to dive into the moving water, it’s very easy to lose them. 


Snow is a swift and powerful method for cleansing your crystals. If you are lucky enough to live near the snow, try burying your crystal in the snow and leave it there for as long as she can handle the cold.  

Natural Light (Sunlight, Moonlight or an Eclipse)

Natural light is a powerful force and a perfect way to charge crystals. 


The moon brings a mighty energy which influences the cycles and natural rhythms of life, ocean tides and our bodily water (remember we are made of 80% water) thus affecting human behaviour. The motions and movement on our planet are in some degree caused by the magnetic forces of the moon and earth.

What is the best moonlight for charging crystals?

The full moon is the most powerful of all lunar phases and is especially effective for charging crystals. When the moon is at its brightest the physical energy is heightened and amplified. This can have a profound effect in increasing the stone’s vibrations and harnessing its purifying energy.


The sun has enormous power and influence over our Earth. Without the Sun, there would be no life on this planet. The Sun has physical and spiritual healing properties and can super-charge your crystals. The solar energies tend to be more “masculine” and are better suited for crystals with fire energies.

As direct light on your crystals is better than placing them on windowsills, we must call out though that the “feminine” energy of the Moonlight is a more delicate and non-colour-altering. So, choose the right stones for placement in Sunlight.

Eclipse are rare because they only take place when the Sun, Earth and Moon are aligned. A lunar eclipse happens twice a year while a solar eclipse happens around every 18 months, and only lasts a few hours. Solar and lunar eclipses pulsate with mighty energy and are perfect to charge stones. 

Energetically the signatures of a lunar and solar eclipse differ, and you should charge the crystals to optimise its energies.  

  • As lunar eclipse guides internal shift within yourself, we recommend charging amethyst, apophyllite, moonstone, rose quartz, clear quartz during this period.
  • As solar eclipse accelerates external change, we recommend charging pyrite, citrine, carnelian, tiger eye and jasper.


When the energy of a stone has become heavy or you feel harmful energies have been absorbed by the stone, then consider returning it to Mother Earth for some much-needed grounding energy. Returning the stone to earth is a powerfully effective natural cleansing and charging method. Burying your stones will clear any persistent energies stuck in your crystal and allow for healing and rejuvenation.

You can bury your crystals directly into dirt or wrap them in a cloth. How long should they be buried for? We suggest you follow your intuition —one, three or seven days is your decision on what you feel will be best to give your stone a total reset and charge. Another consideration is taking your stones on a hike with you so your crystals can also utilise of your energy as an energy source.

Ritual Energies

If time, the climate or your environment is restricting you in using natural elements, then use rituals or ceremonies to activate your crystal. Rituals are also a great way to cleanse healing crystals.


Sound healing allows a single pitch or tone to wash over an area bringing in the same vibration as the tone. The sound emitted is loud enough for the vibration to fully encompasses the stone. Tibetan Singing Bowls, Songs, Chants and Tuning Folks are a powerful way to restore harmony through their frequencies and vibrations.


Smudging can clear inharmonious vibrations and restore crystals’ natural energies. This can be done with sage, copal, Palo Santo sacred wood, incense, or sweet grass.

  • Sage is a sacred and evergreen shrub. When this potent wood aroma is burning, it cleanses and revitalises the energetic field in the space it occupies
  • Copal is a natural tree resin is recommended to cleans crystals with spiritual energies
  • Palo Santo sticks are great to cleans crystals which contain creativity, love and good fortunes properties
  • Incense and sweet grass help to purify the surrounding environment of negative energy

Full Moon Crystal Programming Ritual

Rituals are about doing things with intention and care. As reflectors of light and energy, crystals are the perfect addition to your rituals as they intensify and reflect the power of your intentions. Here is our recommended crystal programming ritual:

First, you’ve got to start by cleansing your crystal

A few days before or preferably in the morning of the full moon, play spiritual sounds and smudge your crystals with sage or Palo Santo.

Craft a sacred sanctuary

In your garden, balcony or courtyard we suggest you craft a little sacred sanctuary. This sanctuary will help you to best harness the force of the sunlight and moonlight, so your crystals can best absorb the energy to reboot. Depending on your space, spirituality, climate and environment, this will differ for each individual, however consider adding plants, large crystals (Amethyst or Citrine Cave), spiritual art or statues and/or fire elements (i.e. artwork) and anything else your intuition tells you to.

Full moon ritual with crystals lay down by the moonlight left overnight to charge with the powerful and almighty energy of the moon

Just before the sunset, place your crystals in the sacred sanctuary. As you carefully lay down each crystal, program them by naming a feeling or emotion you wish to be free from or by saying a positive affirmation you wish to manifest in that moon cycle. Pay close attention to any subtle intuition hints during the process. Some people may receive it in images, sounds, feelings or just simply inner knowing. It is by listening to those subtle messages that we are effectively listening to the whisperers of our soul.

The crystals used in the ritual can be collected at late morning or early afternoon. They will be charged by the almighty moonlight energy and programmed with the intentions you projected onto it. Keep the stones close to you as a reminder or reflector of your intentions and potentially any messages from your higher self.