Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz Meaning

Clear Quartz is the stone of Master Healing and the Ancestor of the Crystal Kingdom.

This stone represents those who are seeking to amplify their energy flow and bring balance to the body and mind. This stone purifies the surrounding energy and cleanses the body to stimulate positive thoughts and feelings. This stone is a must have addition to every crystal collection. It is the perfect stone when you need clarity in thinking, more spatial awareness and enhanced energy. As the stone vibrates in all colour spectrums and frequencies, it has the ability to assist us in stimulating all our chakras simultaneously while maintaining perfect alignment with the light. It’s little wonder why the Ancient Japanese saw Clear Quartz as so perfect, it could only have been the frozen breath of a white dragon.

As décor, large pieces of clusters usually find their place in altars, desks, counter tops, windows sills, bed stands or any place where they can reflect their radiance.

Clear Quartz Spiritual Meaning

Clear Quartz Properties benefit you by:

  • Helping to provide clarity and focus on your objectives even when your surrounding world has endless distractions
  • Clear Quartz provides balance by helping to erode negative energy and stimulating positive energy
  • It assists with liberating you from the limiting patterns of society
  • Communicating with the higher states of consciousness
  • Opening your awareness and mind when you are living in your head or disconnected from your body

In what situations is Clear Quartz stone ideal for…

All. Clear Quartz is one of the only stones which is perfect in all situations, as this crystal vibrates in all colour spectrums and frequencies.

Clear Quartz and Balancing Energy

Clear Quartz stimulates the Crown chakra, where your higher consciousness and wisdom reside.


Clear Quartz is a beneficial stone with manifestation. We’ve listed a couple of ideas to help you:


When you feel in a mental fog, meditating with a Clear Quartz is the most powerful way to connect with yourself and the world around you.

Feng Shui Quadrants of your home

Clear Quartz is an excellent Feng Shui in all quadrants.