A-Grade White Apophyllite Cluster 815g - mycrystalcrushmycrystalcrush
A-Grade White Apophyllite Cluster 815g - mycrystalcrushmycrystalcrush

A-Grade White Apophyllite Cluster 815g

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Apophyllite is a very high vibrational stone that helps to soothe feelings of anxiety, fear and worry. Apophyllite is the perfect stone in the collection for anyone looking to expand their consciousness, calm an anxious mind in times of stress or for those seeking a powerful connection between their third eye and crown chakras. While meditating with Apophyllite, you will better understand the energies and images you feel and see. This stone will help to release negative thought patterns, so you can resolve problems in a more productive way.

What is the energy of Apophyllite?

Apophyllite boosts a number of energetic qualities:

  • When in a stressful situation, Apophyllite helps to give you calm and tranquillity
  • Apophyllite enhances healing work as it acts as a superb transmitter for vibrational energy
  • It brings hope for the future by clearing negative thought patterns that could be restricting you
  • Apophyllite creates a conscious connection between the physical and spiritual
  • It encourages honesty to self and others
  • Apophyllite emits of flow of spiritual light from higher realms
  • It energetically helps to release suppressed emotions and assists with overcoming anxiety, worries, and fears
  • Apophyllite is great at stimulating metaphysical abilities
  • This sparkling cluster décor makes an excellent space clearer when placed in a room

In what situations is Apophyllite ideal for?

  • For those who need to energetically clear a room
  • In meditation to feel calmer, more relaxed and happier within yourself. Or when wanting guidance from your spirit, guides and angels
  • Healers and alternative therapy practitioners can use this stone to enhance vision and healing work
  • In religious or spiritual ceremonies
  • Spiritual light workers (i.e. Mediums and Clairvoyants) for clearer guidance from spirit, guides and angels

    Which Chakra resonates with Apophyllite?

    Apophyllite is a stone to assist you in becoming spiritually uplifted.

    Apophyllite helps to arouse the third eye chakra, deepening your inner vision, and clearing any road blocks in the crown chakra. By releasing negative energy, you become calm and tranquil. The high vibration of light energy from the spiritual realms can now flow to your crown chakra as stagnant energy is taken away. The highly spiritual vibration will allow you to gracefully move upwards on the journey to the higher realms. 


    Apophyllite is an exceptionally powerful stone with manifestation. We’ve listed a couple of ideas to help you:


    Meditating with a piece of Apophyllite, or simply carrying around a piece of Apophyllite jewellery can have a spiritually positive effect on your life. When meditating, place apophyllite clusters around you and your environment will fill with high vibrations from higher realms.

    Reiki, Aromatherapy or Spiritual ceremonies
    Similar to meditation, place apophyllite clusters around the room or environment to allow the high vibration of light energy from the spiritual realms to flow more freely.

    Feng Shui Quadrant of your home

    Apophyllite a striking piece of décor and is a compelling Feng Shui crystal in the northwest quadrant (Spiritual Life). In this room it’s recommended to have spiritual art, inspirational sayings (stanzas or quotes) and displays of gratitude. As this is a metal quadrant, avoid strong fire or water. This room should be beautiful decorated with apophyllite crystals, terracotta candle holders, artwork and photos depicting landscapes or your vision board.

    Other facts

    • The common colour of Apophyllite is translucent or white. These originate in India, Australia, Russia, Germany, Greenland, Italy, and the USA.
    • Green Apophyllite is the rarest colour. This originates from India, Brazil, Quebec and Canada.
    • Apophyllite can also be found as grey, yellow, red, and green.

    Birthstone: Gemini and Libra