Aura Glow *Generator* Kit

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This amazing box set has everything you need to treat yourself or amuse someone you adore this Christmas. The essential kit includes the following:

⭒ 1x Aura Quartz crystal Generator

The perfect geometric shape you need to focus and distribute energy to a specific direction. A must have crystal to any collection

⭒ 1x Palo Santo stick

To cleanse your crystal each time before it’s use 

⭒ 1x Dried Sage

The world’s favourite cleansing herb used to get rid of the negative energy and raise vibrations of any space

⭒ Selenite Bar

The magic in Selenite is that it doesn’t need cleansing, ever! Better yet it removes blockages of negative energy from other crystals cleansing and magnifying their power

The essential box has everything you need to cleanse and charge your generator crystal, as well as prepare an inviting space to perform you sacred work.

Add different shapes to your crystal box to make your experience even more delightful.