Citrine Cluster - mycrystalcrushmycrystalcrush
Citrine Cluster - mycrystalcrushmycrystalcrush
Citrine Cluster - mycrystalcrushmycrystalcrush

Citrine Cluster

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Light • Manifestation • Joy • Prosperity


Citrine quartz is a stone of solidified sunshine bringing light through its bright yellow hue, which mirrors its equally vibrant energy. Similar to Vitamin D, Citrine healing properties shine a ray of light on your emotions, bringing to surface more happiness and positivity. Citrine stone is often referred to as the “Success” stone or the “Merchant” stone through its healing energies, which assist with acquiring and maintaining wealth.   

Reason to Buy Natural Citrine Cluster

Natural Citrine is a powerful stone of manifestation, positive energy and transforms dreams into results. When you connect with Citrine quartz, it will energise your Solar Plexus chakra like the warm morning sun, clearing your mind and awakening your inner light to bring optimism and action towards your endeavours. With its pure yellow honey energy, Citrine’s warmth inspires fresh beginnings, positivity and brightness as you move through life.

Citrine Healing Properties

Citrine crystals are for an intention of happiness and positivity, which keep your environment and energy feeling bright. Citrine metaphysical properties benefit you by:

  • Attracting wealth, success and prosperity. Citrine crystal is a stone of abundance and manifestation therefore assisting with obtaining and maintaining fortune. Citrine energy promotes generosity, too, encouraging the sharing of wealth and prosperity to enjoy a broader spectrum of Citrine benefits, in keeping with Citrine meaning. A true Citrine gemstone placed in the wallet or purse can help bring money in and restrict excessive spending
  • Citrine uplifts vitality and spirit with its vibrant energy. This honey quartz breathes new life into anyone and creates optimism and positivity
  • These stones are an excellent crystal for interpersonal relationships, particularly where there is a cause of distress when problems with communication, interpretation and expectations arise. Citrine quartz assists to address and sooth the challenges in close relationships
  • Citrine crystals vibrate at a frequency that encourages creativity and facilitates the transformation of hope and dreams into reality
  • For people who are sensitive to the outside influences or negative atmospheres, they are particularly useful
  • Citrine assists with money ventures, financial speculation and commercial success
  • When you in a dark place or atmosphere, Citrine is the light that guides you.
  • Citrine is the perfect aid to awaken any creative energy needed to imagine things in the first place

In what situations is Citrine quartz ideal for…

  • As a professional support stone, Citrine improves work relations or assist those seeking to extend their careers in sales, banking, organisational change management, casinos, media, communications and, sports and fitness instruction
  • It is a stimulating crystal for medical professionals and healers or increases productivity in governmental work
  • It assists artists as Citrine strengthens the inner light and sparks creativity and imagination
  • Entrepreneurs with business endeavours
  • Any person embarking on a creative or complex project
  • Job applicants who have interviews or are in the process of crafting a resume or cover letter
  • Students about to undertake exams or give a presentation

Citrine Chakra and Balancing Energy

Natural Citrine's radiant yellow and gold energy flows into the body stimulating the solar plexus. This flow of energy greatly enhances one’s personal power, self-confidence, creativity and manifestation. This helps you to tune into your imagination and work towards the future 


Citrine is an essential stone with manifestation. We’ve listed a couple of ideas to help you:


Meditating with Citrine can help eliminate negativity and deep gloom to inspire enthusiasm and a positive outlook. This will bring feelings of self-confidence.


As Citrine also helps in the achievement of personal goals and endeavours. Hold Citrine in both your hands and say out loud “I know I can accomplish anything I set my mind to”, “I have a lot to offer” or “I will achieve …[list your goal]”.  

Law of Attraction

Grab a pen and start making a list of words or phrases that describe the thing you’re trying to manifest. For example, if you want a promotion, a pay rise, reduced hours and an inspiring environment, then write that all down. Keep going until you have a full picture of exactly what that job will look like. Put the piece of paper on a table and place a Citrine over the top. This will bring the energy of abundance, new opportunities, and prosperity.

Feng Shui Quadrants of your home

Citrine crystal is used in Feng Shui for its solar qualities, along with its ability to connect to higher vibrations of energy.

Citrine is an excellent Feng Shui treatment for the following quadrants:

  • Western (Creativity)
  • Eastern (Family)
  • Southeast (Wealth & Abundance)
  • South (Fame and Reputation)