Clear Quartz Cluster 398g - mycrystalcrushmycrystalcrush
Clear Quartz Cluster 398g - mycrystalcrushmycrystalcrush

Clear Quartz Cluster 398g

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Clarity • Manifestation • Amplification

The "Grandfather" of the mineral kingdom.

This type of crystal is the most common and well known of all crystals. Generally speaking it can be used for all purposes as it vibrates the clear white light which contains all other colours. It has a remarkable ability to vibrate its energy to all colour frequencies, from black to yellow, green to pink, and on into the blue and purple spectrum. The ability to be multi-colourful can teach us to vibrate all our chakras simultaneously while maintaining perfect alignment with the light. 

Large pieces of clusters usually find their place in altars, desks, counter tops, windows sills, bed stands or any place where they can reflect their radiance.

Clusters are wonderful gifts to homes - specially when occupants need to harmonise and cooperate with one another. 

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