Moss Agate Sphere - Large #3

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Moss Agate is revered for its intriguing treelike pattern and vibrations. Moss Agate encourages openness within the mind and emotions, creating feelings of expansion, freedom and space.

The Moss Agate person is a free spirit. He or she is at ease with nature and is able to make do with whatever resources are available. This individual has a creative personality (i.e. a poet, writer or dreamer) and can’t stand to be pinned down or restricted by outside constraints.

As décor, this transparent or translucent chalcedony quartz is a beautiful addition to the home or garden.

Moss Agate Chakra and Balancing Energy

Moss Agate’s tree like patterns are reminiscent to our blood vessels, which flow to our heart. Hence, Moss Agate aligns its energy with the heart chakra. This stone bring about love and connection to Mother Earth.

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