Pink Agate Geode - 1.22kg - mycrystalcrushmycrystalcrush
Pink Agate Geode - 1.22kg - mycrystalcrushmycrystalcrush

Pink Agate Geode - 1.22kg

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Agate Geode - Pink

This is a lovely Agate Geode. The Agate Geode is a beautiful addition to any home and especially in these natural colours.

Whether it is a gift for a special friend, loved one or one of your kids, they will love the agate geodes.

Here is the size of this Agate Geode Pair

  • Weight - 1.22kg
  • 130mm x 55mm
  • Height - 110mm

Setting the intention for the agate geode as a gift or for yourself

Agate is also known as a stone of luck. We highly recommend when you give this as a gift to a younger niece, sister or loved one; you tell them that agate is a stone of good fortune and luck.

By doing this, you are helping them set the intention of bringing more luck and coincidence into their lives.

At a young age, it is great to help shape the minds of kids in a positive way. Having the thought and intention of being able to generate more luck is a great thing for kids to set in their mind.

Other great attributes of agate stone include:

  • harmonising the yin and yang (again balance as mentioned above)
  • soothing and calming
  • enhances mental function
  • overcomes negativity
  • help stimulate positive memories
  • helps create safety and security
  • you can use it to think more clearly
  • will help stabilise the aura

Agate is such a fascinating stone, and every home should have a few agate slices in various forms.